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一番効率的にPass4test問題集を利用し920-172「NCSS-Nortel Communication Control Toolkit Ris.6.0」資格を取得しましょう!


Nortel NCSS 920-172

Pass4Testは無料で920-172(NCSS-Nortel Communication Control Toolkit Ris.6.0)サンプルを提供することができます。無料サンプルのご利用によってで、もっと自信を持って認定試験に合格することができます。

920-172問題集のご利用によって100%合格することが保証できます。弊社は一回で合格することを保証し、もし弊社の920-172問題集のご利用によって、試験に不合格になる場合は、弊社は全額返金いたします。 弊社は一年以内に無料で最新版を提供し、一回で合格することを保証いたします。


試験科目:Nortel 「NCSS-Nortel Communication Control Toolkit Ris.6.0」

Pass4testはITエリート達のために各種類のITベンダー認定試験対策を提供いたします。弊社はNortel 920-172試験内容を含む問題集で、内容に即した実務経験があって、920-172「NCSS-Nortel Communication Control Toolkit Ris.6.0」試験に通過できると思っております。弊社の920-172問題集はこの領域の専門知識の学習を重心として、専門技能を強化するために開発されています。弊社の920-172問題集のご利用によって、受験の自信を向上させることができ、簡単に合格できます。Pass4testはお客様に正確な920-172認定資料を提供して、的中率は8~9割程度で、合格を目指す専門的な試験問題集でございます。ご購入する前に無料サンプルを見ることができます。



1. You are doing a backup of the NCCT Database after making substantial changes. You are asked to
name your backup. What should you always include in the name of your backups?
A. The version of TAPI.
B. The version of NCCT.
C. The date the backup was made.
D. The name NCCT backup somewhere in the name.
Answer: B

Nortel   920-172   920-172   920-172

2. You are upgrading to Nortel Communication Control Toolkit Rls. 6.0. TAPI 3.0 is currently running. To
what version of TAPI will you have to upgrade?
A. TAPI 4.1
B. TAPI 4.0
C. TAPI 3.1
D. an upgrade in not needed
Answer: C

Nortel   920-172   920-172   920-172

3. When you install the Communication Control Toolkit server, you must ensure that you have enough
space allocated for the CCT database. What is the minimum and maximum directory size on the default
drive needed to install the NCCT database?
A. minimum of 1 GBytes and maximum size of 2.0 GBytes
B. minimum of 150 MBytes and maximum size of 1.0 GBytes
C. minimum of 68.1 MBytes and maximum size of 2.0 GBytes
D. minimum of 50.7 MBytes and maximum size of 2.1 GBytes
Answer: C

Nortel   920-172   920-172   920-172

4. You are upgrading to Nortel Communication Control Toolkit Rls. 6.0. You have a Communications
Server 1000/Meridian 1 with Symposium Call Center with Nortel IVR. Which two of the following Service
Provider Software is installed? (Choose two.)
A. TAPI 3.0
B. TAPI 3.1
C. IPML 2.1
D. IPML 4.0
Answer: BC

Nortel   920-172   920-172   920-172

5. You have just completed a new install of NCCT Rls. 6.0 and have verified that it is configured properly
and operational. You have just finished backing up the NCCT Database and wish to backup the
Symposium TAPI Database. Which of the following would you do perform the backup?
A. Make copy of the spdb.mdb file located in "C:\\Program Files\\Nortel\\CCT\\TAPI"
B. Make copy of the m1spdb.mdb file located in "C:\\Program Files\\Nortel\\Communication Control
C. Run NCCT Database Administrator and Select the TAPI Database from the Database Drop Down
Menu then Click Backup.
D. Run NCCT Database Administrator and Browse to the TAPI Database location "C:\\Program
Files\\Nortel\\CCT\\TAPI" then Click Backup.
Answer: B

Nortel   920-172   920-172   920-172

6. Of the following Third Party software which two does Nortel approve to be installed on a Nortel
Communication Control Toolkit server? (Choose two.)
A. AntiVirus
B. FTP Server
C. pcAnywhere
D. Microsoft Office
Answer: AC

Nortel   920-172   920-172   920-172

7. After you have restored the Symposium TAPI Database. What is the order in which the following
services need to be started?
A. NCCT Data Access Layer Service, NCCT TAPI Connector, NCCT Server Service Telephony Service,
ACDProxy Service
B. NCCT Data Access Layer Service, NCCT TAPI Connector, ACDProxy Service, Telephony
Service,NCCT Server Service
C. Telephony Service, ACDProxy Service, NCCT Data Access Layer Service, NCCT TAPI Connector,
NCCT Server Service.
D. NCCT Server Service, Telephony Service, ACDProxy Service, NCCT Data Access Layer Service,
NCCT TAPI Connector.
Answer: C

Nortel   920-172   920-172   920-172

8. You have been instructed to restore the current NCCT database schema. What is the file that you need
to use to restore the current database schema?
C. NCCT_Empty.bak
D. NNCCT_Empty.bak
Answer: D

Nortel   920-172   920-172   920-172

9. The Embedded Local Area Network (ELAN Subnet) is a dedicated Ethernet TCP/IP Local Area
Network (LAN). The Customer Local Area Network (Nortel Server Subnet/CLAN) is the LAN to which
corporate services and resources connect. Which is not a rule for configuring the ELAN Subnet and
Nortel Server Subnet (CLAN)?
A. Configure the ELAN Subnet in the same subnet as the ELNK.
B. Configure the ELAN Subnet in a separate subnet from the Nortel Server Subnet.
C. The ELAN Subnet MAC address must be added before the Nortel Server Subnet MAC address.
D. Configure the ELAN Subnet and Nortel Server Subnet network as either completely separate or
integrated using a router.
Answer: C

Nortel   920-172   920-172   920-172

10. You must configure the Bindings order of the network interface cards using Network Connections from
the Control Panel or My Network Places Properties. What order do the NIC have to be in?
A. The order does not matter.
B. ELAN Subnet first then the Nortel Server Subnet (CLAN) second
C. Nortel Server Subnet (CLAN) first then the ELAN Subnet second
D. Depends on the connection rate of each: the higher rate is listed first.
Answer: C

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