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300-115 技術内容 - 648-238 テストサンプル問題

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NO.1 When two MST instances (MST 1 and MST 2) are created on a switch, what is the total number
of spanning-tree instances running on the switch?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 1
D. 4
Answer: B

300-115 合格点   300-115 解答例   
Unlike other spanning tree protocols, in which all the spanning tree instances are independent, MST
establishes and maintains IST, CIST, and CST spanning trees:
An IST is the spanning tree that runs in an MST region.
Within each MST region, MST maintains multiple spanning tree instances. Instance 0 is a special
instance for a region, known as the IST. All other MST instances are numbered from
1 to 4094. In the case for this question, there will be the 2 defined MST instances, and the special 0
instance, for a total of 3 instances.
The IST is the only spanning tree instance that sends and receives BPDUs. All of the other spanning
tree instance information is contained in MSTP records (M-records), which are 68sername6868eed
within MST BPDUs. Because the MST BPDU carries information for all instances, the number of
BPDUs that need to be processed to support multiple spanning tree instances is 68sernamcantly
reduced. All MST instances within the same region share the same protocol timers, but each MST
instance has its own topology parameters, such as root bridge ID, root path cost, and so forth. By
default, all VLANs are assigned to the IST. An MST instance is local to the region; for example, MST
instance 1 in region A is independent of
MST instance 1 in region B, even if regions A and B are interconnected.
A CIST is a collection of the ISTs in each MST region.
The CST interconnects the MST regions and single spanning trees.

NO.2 An access switch has been configured with an EtherChannel port. After configuring SPAN to
monitor this port, the network administrator notices that not all traffic is being replicated to the
management server. What is a cause for this issue?
A. The port channel can be used as a SPAN source, but not a destination.
B. RSPAN must be used to capture EtherChannel bidirectional traffic.
C. VLAN filters are required to ensure traffic mirrors effectively.
D. SPAN encapsulation replication must be enabled to capture EtherChannel destination traffic.
Answer: A

300-115 購入   
A source port or EtherChannel is a port or EtherChannel monitored for traffic analysis. You can
configure both Layer 2 and Layer 3 ports and EtherChannels as SPAN sources. SPAN can monitor one
or more source ports or EtherChannels in a single SPAN session. You can configure ports or
EtherChannels in any VLAN as SPAN sources. Trunk ports or EtherChannels can be configured as
sources and mixed with nontrunk sources. A port-channel interface (an EtherChannel) can be a SPAN
source, but not a destination.

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