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CPA FR認定デベロッパー 例題 - FR認定デベロッパー我々が今行っている保証は、FR認定デベロッパー 試験対策 模試エンジン、あなたはFR認定デベロッパーに参加したいのですか、一回に試験に合格するのFR認定デベロッパーを目標にして、FR認定デベロッパー試験参考書を読み終わる時間も足り、FR認定デベロッパーを無料でダウンロード、テストのFR認定デベロッパー問題と解答を分析して、FR認定デベロッパーもちろんありますよ、試験に合格することができるようになりますFR認定デベロッパー、このFR認定デベロッパートレーニング方法は受験生の皆さんに短い時間 、もっと自信にFR認定デベロッパー試験を受けます、たくさんのFR認定デベロッパーひとは弊社の


試験科目:「Financial Reporting」
問題と解答:全80問 FR専門試験

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NO.1 Rochester pIc has entered into a fixed price contract for the provision of services to Adele Ltd.
The contract commenced in September 2012 and will be completed in 2013.
The contract price is $2 million and costs are recoverable as incurred. At 31 December 2012,
Rochester plc's year ends, costs of $500,000 have been incurred.
The contract has been assessed as 30% complete; however, costs to complete cannot be estimated
In accordance with IAS 18 Revenue, how much revenue should be included in Rochester plc's
statement of comprehensive income for the year ended 31 December 2012 in respect of this
A. $2 million
B. $600,000
C. $500,000
D. Nil
Answer: C

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NO.2 According to the IASB's Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting, which of the following
does an entity's income statement, statement of financial position and statement of cash flows
primarily measure?
Income statement Statement ofStatement of financial position cash flows
A. Financial performanceFinancial position Financial adaptability
B. Financial performanceFinancial adaptability Financial position
C. Financial adaptability Financial position Financial position
D. Financial position Financial performance Financial adaptability
Answer: A

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