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試験科目:Avaya 「Avaya Agile Communication Environment(TM) Implementation Exam」


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NO.1 An existing Avaya ACE customer wants a solution that will work with its existing customer resource
management (CRM) system to notify customers proactively about promotions or offers relevant to their
individual needs. The customer has an Avaya ACE on Windows core solution and does not want to
deploy additional hardware.
Which Avaya ACE solution matches the key capabilities that the customer requires?
A. Hot Desking
B. EventResponse Manager
C. Message Drop and Blast
D. WebBrowser and Office Add-ins.
Answer: D

Avaya   6007.1   6007.1問題集

NO.2 A customer has geographically diverse sites and plans to deploy an Avaya ACE Federation. Their
network includes a Communication Server 1000 (CS1000) system running a supported software release,
IBM Lotus Sametime, and the associated end-user telephones and clients.
When planning the Federation architecture, which is the platform consideration?
A. An Avaya ACE Federation requires an AvayaACE High Availability (HA) configuration.
B. An AvayaACE Federation requires an AvayaACE Linux-based hardware platform.
C. An Avaya ACE Federation requires a Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS)
D. An Avaya ACE Federation requires an Application Integration Engine (AIE) server.
Answer: A

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NO.3 A mid-size enterprise is deploying an Avaya ACE IBM Lotus Sametime Integration solution. The
customer network includes IBM Lotus Sametime, IBM Lotus Notes, and a communication Server 1000
system and end-user telephones and clients.
A technician has a work order to install the Avaya ACE Technology Conferencing Service Provider
Interface (TCSPI) on the Sametime server as part of the UC deployment.
Where can a copy of the latest version of the Avaya ACE TCSPI be obtained?
A. from the Avaya ACE GUIHelp menu
B. from the IBMLotus Sametime server
C. from the Domino server
D. from the IBM Lotus Notes catalog
Answer: C

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NO.4 A technician is deploying a Microsoft Desktop Enablement (Web Browser and Office Add-ins) solution
and has used the Avaya ACE Configuraor interface to build the add-in install packages for the end
Which action should be taken to verify the Avaya ACE configuration is valid?
A. Using the Avaya ACE GUI, ensureOfficeAddinEnabled and BrowserAddingEnableduser
groupsarepresentin the list of Avaya ACE usergroups.
B. Using the WebSphere Administrative Console, ensure
theOffiecAddinEnabledandBrowserAddingEnabledservicesare Started.
C. Using theWindows serverconsole,run the Addin_service_control.bat file and ensure
theOffiecAddinEnabled and BrowserAddingEnabled services are Started.
D. Using the Application Integration Engine (AIE) GUI Status window, ensure theOffiecAddinEnabled and
BrowserAddingEnabled services are Started.
Answer: A

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NO.5 A technician is verifying an Avaya ACE Hot Desking deployment. Avaya ACE and the Application
Integration Engine (AIE) are installed, configured, and fully operational.
Ah Avaya ACE administrator previously configured a user ID and password for the Hotdesk Virtual
Secretary User ID in the Avaya ACE GUI. The Hot Desking application configuration has been
completed in the AIE GUI.
Which action should be taken to verify that the variable entered for the Hotdesk Virtual Secretary User ID
in the AIE GUI is correct?
A. Using the Avaya ACE GUI, search for and list the user IDfor the Hotdesk virtual secretary.Ensurethe
AvayaACE user ID matches the variable entered fur the Hotdesk Virtual Secretary User ID.
B. Using the AIEUser Synchronization tool, generate a report of valid user IDs. Ensure the variable
enteredtot the Hotdesk Virtual Secretary User ID is listedin the synchronization report.
C. Using the Windows server console, retrieve the local users. Ensure the variable entered for
theHotdeskVirtualSecretaryuser ID displays inthelist of local Windows user.
D. Ensure the variable entered for theHotdeskVirtual Secretary User ID in the AIEGUIhasautomatically
populated duringthe AIE installation.
Answer: A

Avaya   6007.1   6007.1認証試験   6007.1

NO.6 A customer is deploying an Avaya ACE on Windows for a standalone configuration. They are also
deploying Corporate Portal and Message Drop and Blast services. The network includes a SIP-enabled
communication system and 500 end users.
How many Avaya ACE base software licenses are required?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 500
Answer: C

Avaya   6007.1   6007.1

NO.7 A technician has completed the installation and configuration of an Avaya ACE and IBM Lotus
Sametime for an integration solution. The solution includes telephony client presence.
Which action should be taken to ensure the deployment was successful?
A. Log into the Sametime server and ensure the telephony presence plug-in has been added to the
site.xml file.
B. Log into the Sametime Domino server and ensure the telephony presence plug-in has beenadded to
theTCSPIconfiguration file.
C. Log into theAvayaACE GUI and ensure contactinformation for the Sametime Connect client has been
automatically populated by Avaya ACE .
D. Log into the Sametime Connect client andensure that a telephony presence icon appearsfor
theSametimeConnect client users who are configured for telephony presenceinformation in AvayaACE .
Answer: D

Avaya   6007.1練習問題   6007.1

NO.8 A global bank has an Avaya High Availability (HA) ACE system Installed, and wants to deploy the Hot
Decking application. The customer wants to ensure high availability and reliability for application users.
Which additional hardware and operating system is required beyond the Avaya HA ACE base to
support the solution.?
A. One additional Linux server for the Avaya ACE base and two Linux or Windows servers to host the
Application IntegrationEngine(AIE) software.
B. Two additional Linux servers for the AvayaACE base and twoLinux or Windows servers to hostthe
AIE software.
C. TwoWindows servers to host the AIEsoftware.
D. No additional hardware, the AvayaACE and AIC software will co-reside on the same server.
Answer: C

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NO.9 A technician is installing the Application Integration Engine (AIE) software in active directory mode for a
standalone solution, the AIE software will be installed on a supported server with a supported Windows
2008 operating system.
Which statement describes an installation prerequisite?
A. An existing version ApacheTomcat is running.
B. An existing version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE)is running.
C. TheWindows serveris configured with the role of DHCP Server.
D. TheWindows server is configured with the role of Web Server.
Answer: D

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NO.10 A customer plans to deploy an Avaya ACETM Application Integration Engine (AIE) version 3.2. As part
of the definition of the project scope of work, the technician wants to ensure the appropriate operating
system is installed on the host server.
Which software operating systems (OS) is supported?
A. 32-bitor 04-bit Windows 2003 OS
B. 32-bit or 04-bit Windows 2008 OS
C. 32-bit Windows 2003 OS or64-bit Windows 2008 R2 OS
D. 64-bit Windows 2008 OS only
Answer: C

Avaya認証試験   6007.1認証試験   6007.1

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