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NO.1 If a client exhibits problem behaviors throughout the day and evenings regardless of what is
going on in the environment and what activities he/she is participating in, which would be the BEST
way to reduce the high frequency and increase latency?
A. Use a differential reinforcement procedure for the absence of problem behaviors for an amount
of time with a high magnitude reinforcer as a reward.
B. Use a high magnitude punishment procedure every time he/she exhibits the problem behavior.
C. Use a low magnitude punishment procedure every time he/she exhibits the problem behavior.
D. Use a fixed ratio reinforcer every time he/she exhibits appropriate behavior.
Answer: A

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NO.2 What does this graph depict?
A. current level and data path of the response measure
B. current level, data path, and stability of the response measure
C. data path, average level, and variability of the response measure
D. data path, trend, and variability of the response measure
Answer: D

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NO.3 In general, when a behavior analyst is asked to help someone make friends, the behavior
analyst shoulD.
A. avoid interfering in interpersonal relationships.
B. refer the person to a counselor, social worker, or other professional.
C. evaluate the current social repertoire.
D. set up a social skills training program.
Answer: C


NO.4 Terry notices that his heart rate increases and he begins to sweat when he enters the
dentist's office because the office is associated with painful, unpleasant dental work. He also is
reluctant to make appointments and seems to want to do anything else but go to the dentist. His
physical symptoms are an example oF.
A. operant behavior.
B. respondent behavior.
C. escape conditioning.
D. aversive conditioning.
Answer: B


NO.5 Which situation is likely to be an example of negative reinforcement?
A. A child puts a coin into a machine and gets a gumball.
B. An employee submits reports to a nagging boss and boss stops nagging.
C. An employee submits time sheet to payroll department and gets paid on Friday.
D. A student has a tantrum and the teacher gives a hug to calm them down.
Answer: B

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NO.6 When LeRoy sees his father arrive home, he begins to clean his room. Given this information,
we can conclude ONLY that the father's arrival is:
A. an antecedent.
B. a discriminative stimulus.
C. an establishing operation.
D. a visual prompt.
Answer: A


NO.7 Deane's friend takes her to the mall every week. She frequently hugs people whom she does
not know. The behavior analyst wants to use an intervention that includes reinforcement of
appropriate behavior when Deane does something other than hugging. Which intervention would
be MOST appropriate?
A. Teach her friend to provide reinforcement when Deane greets others appropriately.
B. The behavior analyst goes to the mall and gives tokens to Deane for appropriate interactions.
C. Teach her friend to hug Deane when she appropriately interacts with others.
D. Teach her friend to provide tokens for appropriate interactions.
Answer: A


NO.8 A person engages in target behaviors in environments different from the original training
environment. This is a demonstration of
A. stimulus generalization.
B. response generalization.
C. stimulus discrimination.
D. response induction.
Answer: A

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